Gifting Through A Will

Gifts in wills are an amazing way of continuing your support for the centre, long into the future.

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, big and small - with gifts ranging from £200 to £20,000, from 1% of an estate to 100% or anything left over after other gifts have been made.

By putting a gift in your will to Quinborne, you can make sure that we will be here for years to come serving the community proudly like we have for the last 78 years.

Before you decide you may want to give the Quinborne a gift, here are some of the things you may wish to consider when making or amending a will.

The wording of your Will

If you decide to remember us in your Will, please be sure to make your intentions very clear and where appropriate please make all relevant parties aware that you are leaving us a gift in your Will.

A pecuniary gift

This is the gift of a specified sum of money. Bear in mind that because of inflation the value of this gift can be affected over time.

A residuary gift

This is where you set aside a portion or all of your remaining estate, known as the residue (what is left over after the payment of debts, funeral expenses, administration costs, and all the specific and other gifts have been paid) to be divided between named beneficiaries.

A specialist advisor

We recommend that you use a specialist legal advisor when making or updating a Will, especially when gifting to a charity is concerned.

A specific gift

This is where you leave a specific named item to a named beneficiary, such as a property, item of jewellery etc.

Your executors

It may be worth mentioning to your executors that you plan on leaving a gift to the Quinborne so there will be no confusion in the future.

More information

You can find more information on making gifts through Wills on the official Government website:

Inheritance Tax and Gifting