LF Fountain Of Grace

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LF Fountain of Grace was inaugurated on 22nd November 2009, as a church arm of Living Faith Foundation (LFF) with headquaters in Kaduna, Nigeria. The Church is a part of over 100 LFF sister churches and missions across Nigeria, and collaborates with other Churches with global coverage and similar purpose.
Our mission is to:
a Reach the world in the power of the Holy Spirit ( Applying Christianity )
 a Raise the men that are won to reach the world ( Developing People )
 a Rule the world by empowering men that are raised ( Empowering People for Rulership )
As a Christian Charity, we are committed to the total wellbeing of the people in any community where we operate and take deliberate actions to collaborate with the local community and relevant local agencies/groups for the betterment of the lives of the people and the enviroment.
Our Passion


We are driven by the desire to see the kingdom of God come into the lives of people, bringing them into a state of joy, peace, hope, having a healthy self image and a humble yet strong sense of self esteem, enjoying physical and mental health, knowing they are special, valued and loved.
 How We Do It
We provide spiritual guidance and support, training and development (seminars, conferences, workshops, talks, etc on personal and professional development, leadership and management, skills acquisition, relationship management, higher living and lifestyle choices, etc ), sponsorship support, social amenities, and other programmes and events that contribute to the physical and spiritual empowerment of the people.
Our Aim

All our programmes and activities are aimed at applying the tenets of Christianity, which is godly purposeful living with a long term view, developing one’s innate and God-given abilities, and being empowered to exploit such strengths for the greater good of humanity.